Monday, July 20, 2009

"Your Heart is Fine"...

...said the doctor.
I breathed a sigh of relief and my heart slowed from its nervous 50 beats per minute.
"In fact, I wish I had YOUR heart".
I smiled.
"But, you probably wish you had MY stomach".
I nodded, then wondered whether we were going to make some Frankenstein-like trade.

My stomach issue from last week scared me half to death, literally. Near the ladder part of the week, my left shoulder and heart began to ache/cramp. Naturally, this scared the bejesus out of me. I've heard too many stories of people going out to run...only to never return. The pain thankfully subsided, but today it came back so I opted to see my doctor. Apparently it's my shoulder and not my heart that is achy, and this apparently happens when you tweak your stomach. Thank God for a messed up stomach. I could kiss it. But instead, I need to correct it...

When I woke this morning my stomach was still sore and tight. I did however get in a great 10 miles this evening without any issue whatsoever. In fact, the run was one of the best I've had in weeks. Go figure. This is likely a result of running a 6 mile long run on Sunday. That's not a typo. I decided to run to simply get my body back on schedule. When I awoke on Sunday, I was still a mess, but the run straightened me out. No reason to push it or run more than was necessary, so I cut it off at 45 mins and went home. The run seemed to "reset" my body and get me back on track. It's funny how running, which got me into this mess, actually helped correct it. Maybe my body is addicted to running? Maybe my body NEEDS to run in order to feel and be normal?

The monitoring does the training, if/when applicable.


Daniel Weston said...

I read somewhere that running releases a natural repressent that may be switching off the pain when you are running? Something to look into maybe.

KLIM said...

Mr Weston - that would not surprise me. Running has often HELPED cure pains/injuries in addition to cause them.