Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Crack at 15 Minutes?

On Wednesday I ran the Fletcher's 12 Loop that I failed to finish a week before. Again, I felt very strong, but my legs were a little tired in the last mile due to the speed the day before. I intended to double up on Thursday, but decided to sleep in and give the legs a break. Instead, I ran 10 in the evening during a deluge. I hid as best I could under the brim of my hat, but still got soaked. It was a little fun. I then gorged on a fattening chicken sandwich, 2 mugs o' beer and a sundae. I followed that up with an easy 9 on Friday morning.

Tomorrow I'll run an easy morning shuffle then venture across the Potomac and try to race a good 5k. Of the 3 races so far in my summer "season", this is the one I am interested in pushing hardest. The weather looks to be quite warm, but it will only be 15 minutes of racing. Actually, my goal is break 15:00 and do my damnedest to whip as many runners as I can. I feel as if I am in good shape and, although not tapered, think I can eek out a good 5k based on my mile race, workouts and the mileage I've been doing. Additionally, this will be a great workout before the Falmouth Road just two weeks away.


RM said...


Maryland State 5k Championship
Saturday, September 12

Our favorite race, Bay Cafe 5k, used to take place on Labor Day Monday. It was a super fast race. But the evil that is Baltimore City wants to charge us an arm and two legs to hold the event. It would cost $50 for registration we figure.

SO we are going to put on a 5k. Little to no fee. Super competitive only. Probably to keep our costs low on the track. Seeded heat, men and women, other heats. I am working on it, so I'll keep you posted to use you to help spread the word.

KLIM said...

That fits my schedule nicely (one week before Philly 13.1). I can't do Kentlands 5k this year, so this is a good substitute!