Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh What a Busy Weekend

The morning after the mile, I ran a very easy 70 minutes (9.5 miles) with the GRC in Georgetown. Nothing too eventful to report. Lots of people out on the trail. After the run I ate waffles at Dylan's.

On Sunday I met about 45 guys at THE LINE for the Zoo Loop. Actually, I believe I counted 13 runners including myself which comes close to a GRC record. We all ran together for 75% of the run until some splintered off either running less, running more or running faster. I opted to run a bit more and pushed some of the hills. I felt the mile during the up hills, but other than that felt quite content. I put the mileage down as 17.

The roster, including 2 Jakes, 2 Patricks and 2 guys named Chris:
Bain, Murphy, Reaves, Max, Sloane, Marren, Dylan, Billy, Red Fox, Nate Timm, Falls Roads’ Ben Ingram (whose wife let him out of the house and whose blog on the right is always a good read), a new guy named Mark (6th American at Chicago during the balmy 2007 run) and another new guy named Josh who we met at the mile on Friday. Did I miss anyone?

I only got in 73 last week. The mile race hurt my mileage total a little, but I am sorta due a down week. I'll ramp it up again this week, ease next week in preparation for the 5k, and then try to be close to 90 the following weeks.

On Monday I ran with soon-to-be neighbor Karl Dusen. Karl ran for Manhattan Track Club and qualified for the 2008 Olympic Trials in the marathon. He’s hoping to qualify again in 2012. Karl is moving literally just a block away. I showed him one of my running routes while getting in a steady ten.

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