Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Long Walk Home

I met Bain at the usual spot at the usual time for the usual run. This time we headed out on the Connector Trail and ran south along the Towpath. I found Peter Towpath's initials carved in a tree and immediately bored it away with my marlin spike and wrote my initials in its place. We continued on our way and I began to have some stomach issues; my tummy began to burn, but I thought it would go away. Bain headed back via the CCT bridge while I continued south to Fletchers. I proceeded back along the Palisades Trail, but stopped outright when my stomach began to burn more than usual. I thought the feeling would again pass, but after repeated attempts to start back up, I had to stop and walk. This wasn't a "bathroom" pain, but a acid-like fire that burned somewhere in my lower stomach. It felt awful. I couldn't even shuffle since the bouncing caused great pain. I contemplated running to Matt Ernst's house and begging a ride home, but there was Ernst Hill between me and Ernst House and no assurance he would be there. Besides, I thought, the pain would pass. Hours later I marched out of the Capital Crescent. I had walked back about 3.5 miles and was beat and demoralized. I was so sick of walking. I hate walking. Walking sucks. It's brutal and boring. I was passed by a million runners and bikers. I began to curse at people walking, people with WALKmans, the idea of a boardWALK and even threw a stone at a hawk, simply because the species rhymed with walk. By 10pm, by stomach was still burning and I have no idea why. I did nothing out of the ordinary this afternoon. Go figure. This was my 3rd run in 15 years that I was not able to complete.


JARRIN said...

Your problem is that you don't listen to people and live some kind of macho bullshit existence where you'd rather endure pain because you perceive it as manly.

I told you months ago that Dr. Ganzi suggested you take Zantac before you run as you possibly have reflux which is boring a hole in your stomach lining. Left unattended it will cause greater issues and could even cause cancer.

So pretty please with sugar on top, Foxy, for me, TAKE THE FUCKING ZANTAC.


KLIM said...

This sounds like your "bricitis cry".

I've taken Ranitidine before but I don't think it's a simple fix. Again, this is the first time ever I've had this type of pain while on a run. This is different than anything I've ever had before and it appears to be a one time thing. If the problem consists, yes, I'll consider seeing a doctor, but up until yesterday there was no need for me to take Zantac since I wasn't having ANY issues.

Peter said...

Damn you for scratching off my initials. Now I'll never show you the new deer trail I discovered in rcp

bain said...

Maybe it was the ghost of Old Man Towpath cursing you for acting out against young Peter Towpath. Or maybe it was that "gift" I left you with before we parted ways.

JARRIN said...

Klim -

This is not the first time you have complained about stomach issues on
runs or during races. I have well documented trends via witnesses and
biographical data (i.e., your own blog), as to times you've complained
about reflux problems or having to stop and crap your teats off on the
side of the road (the DC and Philadelphia Port-a-Johns love you).

This may be the first time you've had THIS pain, but it could be
related and does not minimize your need to address the reflux issue.

Don't live like an asshole and take the Zantac.

Hugs and kisses,


PS: Feel better!!