Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Morning Run

This was a "short" at the Running Film Festival last year. The video reminds me of running on Saturday mornings with the GRC. My morning starts with a steaming cup of coffee before I, along with the group, run through a cornucopia of different settings. The 3 minute movie is definitely worth watching and has a good ending. More here - .

My legs felt pretty rocked during my Friday run and again this morning during the group run. I tried to keep my pace relaxed in lieu of the looming 20 miler set for Sunday. I got 2 new pairs of shoes this morning. My shins started to feel achy and when I checked my mileage I was at just about 700 miles, or 350 per shoe. This is traditionally the amount I can run before I need a knew pair. Plus with all the rain and mud we've had this spring, I am sure the shoes took an extra beating.


Johnnie Cochran said...

Hey Jake,

My name is jake, nice to meet you. I recently moved to DC am looking for some people to run with.

1.) I heard from Amsterdam Dirk that you guys run a workout in Bethesda. Do you think I can tag along for some work outs? I am not to fast but ran 2:42 at NYC this year and looking to get some speed. Let me know if you think the workout is a good fit.

2.) Funny to see this video posted, I the blue llama crew from high school. The runner is rick patterson a former ETSU runner who married a friend of mine....any way small world.

KLIM said...

OF COURSE you can join for workouts. Any/all are welcome. The more we have, the better we'll all be. We typically do 10k-geared workouts. B-CC High School at 6:30pm

PS - 2:42 is fast.

RM said...

A couple things that Jake (Marren) failed to mention:

1) He is a complete boner/tool.

2) He runs for Falls Road but his career path has taken him to your area. This does not mean you get him to run for any of your teams, otherwise we're claiming Kyle.

3) Jake is actually quite fast, he downplays his ability so he looks like a stud when he comes out. He did one of our workouts the other day and wasn't too far behind Ben.

KLIM said...

UPDATE: We are taking Marren. He came out drinking with us after the workout and said he'd "never go back".

Kyle is a life long GRCer.

You have Webb and Webb's gal, don;t be so greedy.

RM said...

Unlike just about everyone from the Baltimore/DC area, Jake is actually from Baltimore, which makes him lifelong here. But if he doesn't want to be here then we don't want him, so you can have him.

Wouldn't it be funny if Webb actually came out to a race with us? Howard County would poop a brick if they saw him at Club Challenge. We gotta see how he does this weekend at Nationals though first...

Ben said...

yea - we know how much kyle $'s GRC - oops, i mean how much kyle "hearts" GRC