Sunday, June 21, 2009

Duel Ferries

I ran Duel Ferries with Reaves, Dylan and Dickson today. This 20 miler is a 10 mile loop run twice all on natural terrain. In the summer, the canopy along the C&O provides great cover while the back 5 along River Road can be brutal when the sun is at its zenith. "Kansas", a mile + stretch that crosses under a string of power lines, has broken many a man in the past...including this fox. Today, the sun stayed mostly behind the clouds. Additionally, Reaves and I made a mutual agreement to not break each other and, in fact, I completed the run in the slowest time I have ever done (2:18:00)...well off the "record" of 2:07:45 we ran back in January of 2008. I pushed miles 17 through 19 but never went into the red zone. My legs felt sloppy during the first 10 miles, but in what has become commonplace, have rebounded and felt considerably better during the latter part of the run.

Bain, who TM'd me while I typed this post stated "we must do it again in July". Sighing, I replied "yes"...then thought more about the record.

6/21/09 - 2:18:00 (37:00, 71:00, 1:45:00)
1/25/09 - 2:10:00 (34:20, 67:30, 1:38:30)
8/17/08 - 2:08:20 (34:20, 32:20, 30:40, 31:00)
1/27/08 - 2:07:45 (1:06:45, 1:01:00)
5/13/07 - no data collected

84.5 miles this week. 77 mpw average since starting the "surge" 4 weeks ago.

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