Monday, April 20, 2009

Red Fox Special Commentary - Boston

I've been watching the Boston Marathon for as long as I can remember. Patriot's Day is a holiday in Massachusetts and I'd either trek up to watch my parents run (if they were running) or simply watch the Kenyans and Ethiopians duel on TV in the comfort of my own home. The Boston Marathon is a sobering event and it's full of stories.

The biggest story that comes out of the day (at least on a local level) is the success of three GRCers who ran incredible races after missing weeks (and even months of training).

Robert JARRIN was injured for literally months. He's really only been training for 8 weeks or so, and that's been limited at best. His goal was to run under 3 hours, but that seemed almost impossible. He set his mind and ran 2:56:14; his second fast marathon ever.

Caroline White crushed her marathon PR of 3:09 and ran 2:55:16! She was unable to race Cherry Blossom just two weeks ago because of a leg injury.

And finally there is Chris Bain, who has run Boston for the past 34 consecutive years (slight exaggeration). Bain missed the ENTIRE month of February due to a plantar pain and went out today and CRUSHED the marathon running some unheard of negative splits on one of the most challenging marathon courses in the world. Sure, you're thinking "February ONLY has 28 days", but still...Bain averaged 5:57 miles for a 2:36. Incredible. He is set to race another marathon in 5 Seoul, South Korea!

Today, the injured rallied and they prevailed.

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