Thursday, March 26, 2009

Palisade Trail

On Wednesday, I ran with Bain from Bethesda down to the beginning (or end?) of the Palisades Trail. I am somewhat obsessed with this trail. I love "greenways" that meander through the asphalt/concrete jungle of Washington DC and I always want to know where they go so that I can incorporate them into my runs. This trail crosses a bridge over Arizona (see picture) before tunneling behind chic backyards in NW DC. Last night we happened upon "Wind Chime City". Dozens of wind chimes made danced in the air and provided a symphony of wind chimeyness. It was kind of cool, but also kind of creepy. There is also a ton of much I swore I caught a glance of a panda. We wanted to keep going, but Bain had already eaten 7 hamburger sliders before the run and I was trying to keep it to 10, SO we wandered our way back to Bethesda via the CCT. 10.5.


Stephanie Y. said...

Sounds like a great trail. How do you get to it from Bethesda?

KLIM said...

Starting at Barnes & Noble, run south down the CCT until you reach the DC line (approx 4 miles). You will soon see a dirt trail on the left that take you to a corner of two roads bordering the water treatment plant (Norton St & Potomac Ave). Continue to run south along Potomac Ave, which parallels the CCT (great views of the river and VA), until you reach Galena Pl on your left (this is approx 4.75 miles from Bethesda). After 30 secs you will see a bridge (in picture) on your right that crosses over Arizona Ave...this is the end/beginning of the trail.