Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Last Workout

On Monday I ran an easy 8...most of it with Melissa. I don't think I ever dipped below 7:10 pace. Yesterday I ran my last workout prior to the 5k. I ran it on Tuesday instead of Wednesday to give myself extra rest. I think Wednesday's workout last week hurt me for Saturday's mile. The workout was aimed at getting me into O2 debt without taking a beating on the legs; 8 x 200m (30 sec rest). It was a very short workout (over in 8 mins) but it got the heart pumping. I ran with Bain to B-CC, but there was a Lax game going on at the instead of running 3-4 miles to another track, we opted to run the workout on the neighboring baseball field (note - picture is a soccer field!). We ran 30 secs on (hard) and 30 secs off. I took it out hard and by repetition # 3, I was breathing pretty good. By then end of the workout I was holding my hips and staggering about. Bain and I were both still short of breath a mile into our cooldown. The cool air outside, like during/after Saturday's mile, also made this a little tougher than it should be. This was the first workout I've run this year in which I did not run in the morning in addition to the evening. I only got in 7 yesterday. Today, I run 10 easy, Thursday is off and Friday is easy.

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