Monday, February 16, 2009

The Weekend

On Saturday, a bunch of us explored the streets of Georgetown and the area between Wisconsin Ave and Rock Creek Park. It was a pretty easy run. Georgetown is always bigger than I think it is. There are tons of hidden nooks and crannies that contain beautiful homes and green spaces.

On Sunday I ran 18 mostly with Reaves and Murphy on the "Perimeter Trail" at Greenbelt Park. The pace seemed hot from the start and I felt tired. I sorta drifted off the back and warmed up for the first hour. I eventually woke up. It was a good run - entirely on trails. I napped for an hour when I got home...something I never am able to do. I napped on President's Day too after running 11 with PMurphy at The Line. We ran my "6 Hills Loop"; a loop I would often run on a weekly basis back in the olden days. The "6 Hills Loop" is 11 miles and contains, as its name indicates, 6 different size hills including arguably the largest, most brutal hill in Rock Creek Park. This always pumps the heart.

I finished last week under schedule with 83 miles. If I had run more on the day when I was sick, I would have been close to 90 (my goal). I feel like I haven't done much to get better over the past week. At the start of every run I am hacking and wheezing like a homeless man who has just polished off a carton of smokes. I am tired and feel slow. However, I am happy to be able to "push through" and keep training first over the past several weeks. Over the past 7 weeks, I've averaged almost 20 more miles more a week than I averaged in 2008. Additionally, I am hoping to start new surge of mileage this week and next.


Peter said...

Klim, once I am back to normal mileage I want to compare your 11 mile RCP hill run to my old 10 mile RCP hill run. I'd be interested to see what overlap there is and how the order varies.

That reminds me, in cleaning out my old email account, I found the following email. I don't know why I call you "J" and as I recall, you backed out of the run.

Subject: Re: Running
From: "Jake Klim"
Date: Wed, July 19, 2006 11:53 am


My cell is 508-364-4980 wrote:

Hey J,

I usually do my runs early in the morning, like 6am, but maybe we could go
for a run in Rock Creek some Saturday around 8am. Just send me an email or
give me a call.

Peter Silverman
Film/Video Editor
Cell: 202-341-8971


KLIM said...

I likely backed out b/c you start running at 4:30am in the summer...about the time when I am getting back from "da club".

My run starts at The Line and goes approx 3 mile down along the trail to the left...then up Ft DeRussy Hill. Down the backside then along the horse trail to the "Ross Drive Hill", backdown the to the horse trail then up a HUGE hill before exiting down the zigzag downhill at Military/Beach. Then back along Beach. Make sense? Probably not.

I used to race this thing once a week.