Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Monster

I am creating a monster. I am taking my body to places it's never been before. It's going to ache and scream and my eyes will open wide in anticipation for the unknown. What should I expect? What will the outcome be?

The secret to success in running is simply running more...it's pretty simple actually. Since January 1, I've averaged almost 20 more miles a week than I averaged last year. This is a 33% increase. Yesterday, on my run with PMurphy, I noted how I used to come out and crank hilly runs in Rock Creek and Patapsco. Back then I was running 50 miles a week and taking a day off every week. I was fresh and fast. Nowadays, I slug my way through runs. It's much different.

However, today was different. Today I had some fight. I had a spark. I cruised 9 miles this morning at a good clip. I kept pulling on the reigns. I did not want to push it. However, I kept finding myself bounding up long hills hungry for more asphalt. This afternoon I ran another 7 miles and felt equally good. The mileage is working and I am not falling apart. This week I should hover around 100 miles. This spring will be interesting.

I am creating a monster. I hope I have better luck than Dr. Frankenstein.

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Snizow said...

Good Lord. Intense. And ludicrous.