Friday, February 13, 2009

Old Angler's Inn

Today I ran from Old Angler's Inn. I have not run here in months...probably since last summer. Before I joined the GRC I would venture to Old Angler's Inn ever weekend and run the hilly trails and the limestone towpath. It was an easy place to run for an hour. I would always see my friend, the red fox, herds of deer and magnificent views. On evening runs I've run over giant toads and dangerous copperhead snakes. I've even seen bald eagles. In the summer, you finish the run covered in small black flies. They stick to your skin and wedge themselves in your teeth, ears and the corners of your eyes. It sucks. Usually the towpath is packed with people, but at 2pm on a Friday I saw hardly anyone. I ran the trails and then chugged along at 6:30 pace up to mile marker 18...then swung back. It was nice to run in the sun's warmth with temperatures hovering in the mid to upper 40s. I cranked out 12 miles. I still feel under the weather, but I am able to train, so I will. I am on pace for an 85 mile week. Next week, I begin a surge.

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