Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Thaw

I met the GRC at “The Line” this morning after a night of revelry. I was a bit dehydrated and didn’t get to drink my usual 32 oz of Gatorade prior to the run but sucked down some water with my coffee.

We started pretty slow and, like usual, I was anxious to get going. The weather was nice and the forecast indicated a high in the mid-50s (it actually got up to 63 here today). We meandered down Beach Drive and soon our group of 8 or so splintered off (different distances). PMurphy, Sam and I ran down to Calvert Road and up the notorious Calvert Hill to Connecticut Ave. The weather was brilliant. I had already ditched my long sleeve and pondered ditching my t-shirt too. I’ve run shirtless every month of the year in Maryland EXCEPT February so today could be my day…but I would have looked a bit ridiculous to the masses and opted to keep my clothes on. Our pace, as usual, got quicker and quicker. We pushed the Ross Drive hills (where Sam crashed on the ice…again) and all the way back to our cars. Our pace never got too ridiculous, but my legs felt pretty hammered. I assume this is due to the terrible running conditions this week and yesterday’s workout. I only ran 16, but that was enough. The smell of spring was the only thing that kept me feeling good. The entire park was thawing.

I had the brilliant idea of wading into icy Rock Creek in an effort to ice down my battered legs. The water was terribly cold and I quickly decided that this idea sucked. I bunny hopped (because I could no longer feel my legs) back to my car and then went home to take a REAL ice bath. A year ago I bought an industrial size trash can, filled it with water and put it on my balcony. I’d freeze giant blocks of ice, dump them into the bucket and then, on Sunday nights, ease in and endure the torture of an ice bath for 10 minutes. I wear tons of layers and usually drink whiskey and/or coffee in an effort to keep warm. Today was my first ice bath in almost 10 months. The water in my trash can was looking pretty grimy (after sitting all summer in 100+ degree heat) but the barrel was too difficult to lug inside and dump out. Thankfully the recent weather turned my ice bath into a giant ice BLOCK. I dumped it out in my shower, scrubbed the bin and now I’ve got a brand new ice bath! After 10 minutes in said ice bath, my legs felt wonderful.

89 for the week. I’ve averaged 83 miles a week this month or just under 12 miles a day. I am taking a day off next week as I download for the big xc race.

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