Monday, February 2, 2009

Cross Training

Solid weekend of tomfoolery and fun! A carb-filled fiesta (see above) on Saturday and a super Super Bowl party last night. I gorged on fried chicken, pizza, cookies and guacamole. I woke up stuffed.

I never run on Monday mornings. Instead, after running on Sunday morning, I give myself a faux day off by running on Monday night. Genius! Tonight, I’ll run an easy hour before diving back into my ice bath. My legs feel like a million bucks after yesterday bath.

In addition to the ice bath, I recently purchased this foam roller. This is a “slam dunk” fix to all the kinks and aches that cover my legs. All you do is roll around on top of the thing and it seems to give your body a great deep tissue massage. Not much science here. During last night’s session, my faced winced in pain. I need to get back on the bandwagon. I also started up the evening push-up/sit-up session again. I used my dog bite as an excuse (my “sore” wrist) to not do push-ups for a month.

I am getting excited/pumped for the cross country race. This will be the biggest cross country race that I've ever been in (not necessarily in size, but in scope). Right now there are about 200 runners in the race...but most of them are serious hard core runners (including at least 4 Olympians!). The race will be a chance to get out and compete among the best in the business and it won't be pretty. This is gonna be tough stuff. As I type and as you read, the grassy 2K loop is thawing. The ice and snow that covered the field on Saturday is now seeping into the ground. The temperature is 52 degrees and the sun is out in full force. Later this afternoon we're expecting rain and on Wednesday snow with lows in the teens. On Thursday and Friday, temperatures again are expected to rise and, in turn, cause the course to turn into quicksand. Add to the mix 6 other races looping around the same course BEFORE the men's 12K at 2pm, and you have a serious quagmire.

Get out the long spikes and get's gonna be brutal!


Ben said...

hi jake - i run with the guys in baltimore. quick question about your industrial size trash can - how big is it? and where did you get it? also, how do you freeze the giant blocks of ice?

thanks - and although this is the first time i've posted, i really enjoy the blog!

KLIM said...

Hi Ben -

The trash bin is not in front of me at the moment but it's approx 3.5 ft wide and is as tall as my hip. I fill it up with water to "mid thigh".

It's basically an "industrial trash bin" made from rubber or plastic and costs about $20. Any hardware store will have one.

I take old tubberware containers or anything big and plastic, fill 'em with water, freeze and then dump in 30 mins before I get in.

This time of year you really don't need to do that much as the water is already cold.

Also - wear 2 (or 3) pairs of socks. It gets mighty cold.

Daniel Weston said...

Good luck for the race on Saturday.

KLIM said...

Thanks Daniel