Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Last Workout

I did a final workout today at the Derwood cross country course in anticipation for the “Big Dance” next Saturday. Most of the guys racing next week were in attendance plus Diego who quipped “I don’t know why I keep coming back here. I hate this place.” The plan was to run a similar “on/off” workout like we had done last time, but parts of the course resembled a luge track! It was extremely difficult to walk let alone run…not to mention workout. After a 3.5 mile warm up (in which Sam fell no fewer than 3 times) we decided to run 1100m on/900m off x 4 loops and then hit the road to open our stride. The final 900m of the 2k loop was practically un-runnable but we did our best on the section that was semi-runnable. I felt pretty good and pushed myself over the undulating terrain. By repetition number 4, I was pretty tired and I could feel my hip a little (this happened last time I worked out on the course). I only did one 3:00 on/off on the road before calling it a day. Sam fell again during the workout and then again during the cool down. I think he fell 17 times. His knee and lower leg were covered in blood. He looked like a really bad figure skater (think the Chris Farley skating skit on SNL). I ran a slow 2.5 mile cool down and then ate a Boston Crème donut.

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