Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I headed out for an easy 8 last night. I felt surprisingly good considering how awful I felt on Sunday. Ice bath? Foam roller? Perhaps. I was going to use my 8 mile day as a “day off”, but that might change…

This morning I ventured out into the peaceful snow. The flakes were huge; the kind that aim for your eye lashes. I kept the pace very easy, but after about 25:00 into my run I just stopped. I stood on a bridge overlooking Rock Creek and just stared. I was tired and didn’t want to run anymore. This wasn’t laziness or due to pain…it was general apathy. I just didn’t care. Of course I am about 4 miles from home and it’s snowing, so I really didn’t have a choice. After staring uncomfortably at mallard for a couple of minutes, I turned, walked for a moment, kicked a stone into the creek and then shuffled along…but I kept heading north, away from home. If I had turned and gone home, apathy would have one. I’ve felt like this before on runs. Instead of feeling good and excited, running, as it was today, can be a brutal chore. One time in college while running with my teammate Sugar (nicknamed per his diabetes) through Patapsco State Park, I decided to stop and simply lay down on a pile of rocks. I told him he could bury me under the pile and other such nonsense. I would have slept there all day or until a park ranger prodded me with a stick. Instead Sugar collapsed in a puddle of mud next to me. We weren’t running fast, but we were just tired, bored and didn’t care. Eventually we got up and piddy-patted back to school. I think this means I need a day off. Again, it’s not due to physical exertion, but I think a day off (only had one this year so far) will do the mind some good. I might have a good opportunity for a rest day later this week as I may be traveling. If not, I will still likely take one. 10 miles today.

50 years ago today "the music died". Tomorrow is another day.


Peter said...

Get rested up cause we need you to lead the charge come saturday.

KLIM said...

I will be fine for the race. I am always good for the race.