Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Staying on TRACK

I ran an easy 5 this morning in the snow. There were definitely some slick sections underneath the fresh dusting. As usual, these morning runs are fairly uneventful…just getting it done. I don’t even think in terms of miles, rather time spent out running around. It’s a lot easier to tell myself to run for 30-35 minutes than it is to say go run 5 miles.

Tonight I head to the track and start 8 weeks worth of track workouts in anticipation for the big 5k on 3/28. All these workouts are 5k-specific and seem to include less total mileage than the previous workouts I’ve been doing…but they are faster/more intense. Tonight I’m doing 3xmile with 800m rest. The goal is 4:50, 4:50, 4:50…or maybe a hair faster on the last one. I am supposed to clip away a little slower than (goal) 5k pace, so I think this will work. I won’t fret if I hit 4:55s, considering the snow/cold.

Tomorrow will likely be a day off…I think. I want to hit 70-75 miles this week and I should be able to hit that…even with a day off and an “easy day” on Friday (pre-race).
4:50 (even 72.5s) led entire 1600m
4:47 (2:23/2:24) Sam led from 200 to 1200
4:44 (2:22/2:22) Sam & Diego led most...I closed at end
Sam and Diego pushed the last one (69 at 400m), but I let them go as this could happen in a race. I eventually closed the gap by running even pace and finished stride for stride with Diego. I ran a little faster than I intended for all 3, but it felt very comfortable and quite manageable. This might have been my best workout yet...quality over quantity. The 800m rest was likely too much, but again, this was supposed to be the first workout. Next week I have the same workout but with 400m rest. I am very excited to race a 5k!
3 mile warm up and 2.5 mile cool down. 10 at night. 15 for the day.

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