Friday, January 16, 2009

Even Colder


My intention was to simply run a warm up and wear the spikes for some “on pace” 200m repeats, but it was too tempting to sit out of the workout everyone else was doing. I decided to do roughly “half” the workout before hitting the 200s in an effort to not drain the legs for the 3k. I ended up doing a bit more than I wanted to do which hopefully won’t come back to bite me. It also allowed for a 17 mile day (7 mile morning run).

(2,000m @ 10K pace, 400m Rest, 1,000m @ 5K pace, 400m Rest) x 2 Sets

The rest of the guys did 3 sets. We had a super huge pack (despite it being 14 degrees!) which included three people named Patrick, and one each named Diego, Bain, Melissa and Sam. We got in a good groove and, as usual, I let Reaves lead the way. Reaves has an uncanny ability of clicking away laps right on pace…something I am not too great at. I am like a running idiot savant. I typically tuck in behind and only take/share the lead on the straight-aways. This is one of the reasons why I’ve traditionally run better at cross country over track. After two sets, Diego helped me with some 200s. On the last repeat I saw the explosive speed "The Spaniard" possesses. He burned me. In an effort to make chase, my entire body started to go to a place it hadn’t been since I ran the 4x400 back in college. Realizing this wasn’t the best course of action in 12 degree weather (yeah, the temp was going down), I shut it down. By the end of the workout, my hands were mess. My fingers were so cold I had to forgo the cooldown and headed back into the school. I paced back and forth in anguish as the cold-finger-feeling gave way to the even worse cold-finger-warming-up-feeling. After much weeping and cursing (just kidding), I shuffle jogged about a mile in the hallways before the janitor threw me out. I felt very good during the workout despite how cold it was. Each workout is getting easier and easier. Results are below:

6:25 (5:07 mile split), 3:06 (2:29 800m split), 6:21 (5:04 mile), 3:04 (2:26 800m)
4x200m w/200m rest – 31, 34, 29, 27


I live in a hi-rise condo building and I NEVER turn the heat on. Part of this is me being stubborn, but I also don’t really need heat. Heat travels up and usually my place is very comfortable. I woke up sometime in the early morning and said to myself "damn, it's cold in hear"...which only meant the weather outside was brutal. A few hours later I met Bain again on the Trolley Trail. The temperature was 8 degrees. My nose fell off around mile 3, but other than that the run was pleasant. We jogged an easy 9.5 miles before Bain left and added on. My legs feel worked, but that is okay.


The first person to reply (who wants an entry) via “comment” will receive a FREE ENTRY to this 8k race. Simply indicate you want an entry and provide your email address. Handbagshandbags is omitted from this contest!

WHAT: runterra 8K and 1K fun run
WHEN: Sunday, March 29, 2009
TIME: 1K at 8:00 and 8K at 8:30am
WHERE: Starts at Montgomery County Fairgrounds.
COST: $22 early bird price for 8K, $10 early bird price for the 1K
More details:

The runterra Race is the featured event for the
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As if a free couch isnt enough!! haha.

keeping boredom at bay said...

I meant to add that I would like the entry too.

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Klimio -

I think you have too much time on your hands. Your goddamned posts are beginning to resemble the nauseatingly long articles of the New Yorker.