Saturday, January 17, 2009

PR - 8:47.55

This was a 5 second PR in the 3,000m run.

I held steady 35s for a 4:40 at 1600m...a pack of 5-6 got away from me and I probably hit a few 36s...but I came back and passed two runners in the last 600m (33 last lap). Felt pretty worked at the end and felt as if I lacked any assemblage of a "kick", but I am VERY happy with the results considering I met my "A" goal. Very happy to click away 35.Xs back to back to back to back... and overall a great way to start the New Year in racing.

Men 3000 Meter Run
Name Year School Finals
1 Caccia, Gian-Paul SR Loyola College 8:32.76
2 Eustis, Colin SO American 8:38.07
3 Kelhower, Anthony SR U.M.B.C. 8:39.82
4 Williams, Ryan Unattached 8:40.66
5 Klim, Jake Unattached 8:47.55
6 Sang, Peter JR Maryland-Eastern 8:52.55
Booth, Richie SR Maryland 8:54.21
8 Grandt, Levi FR Richmond 8:55.04
9 Madison, Andrew JR U.M.B.C. 8:55.70
10 Smith, Tim FR Richmond 8:57.34
11 Martucci, Garret SO American 9:00.62
12 Adams, Dustin SO Hagerstown CC 9:04.77
13 centofonti, corey FR Hagerstown CC 9:08.15
14 Shenk, Peter JR Messiah 9:15.40
15 Nunns, Geoff SR Johns Hopkins 9:16.16
16 Bowie, Chris SO U.M.B.C. 9:19.15
17 Langat, Geoffrey JR Virginia Union 9:19.62
18 Kiprotich, Amon SO Maryland-Eastern 9:19.92
19 Pike, Dan SR Johns Hopkins 9:20.69
20 Black, Arthur JR Messiah 9:30.06
21 Derose, Chris SO V.C.U. 9:31.15
22 Marrocco, Andrew Unattached 9:31.23
23 Sebhat, Daniel FR V.C.U. 9:33.63
24 Kirongo, Solomon SR Maryland-Eastern 9:34.75
25 Shifler, Ryan SO Hagerstown CC 9:36.77
26 Barret, Sean Loyola College 9:36.81
27 Hassett, Matt FR Loyola College 9:37.18
28 Barnett, Andrew SO Johns Hopkins 9:49.36
29 LO Galbo, Mark Johns Hopkins 9:51.69
30 Kelly, John Johns Hopkins 10:06.70
31 Pointer, Maurice Unattached 10:07.96
32 Logan, Kelson FR Montgomery Colle 10:18.54
33 Wallace, Michael FR Bowie State 11:08.09

American, Bowie State, Catholic, Columbia Union, College of New Jersey, Coppin State, Frostburg, Georgetown, Goucher, Hagerstown CC, Hood, Howard, Johns Hopkins, Lincoln, Loyola (Md.), Maryland, UMBC, UMES, McDaniel, Millersville, Montgomery CC, Morgan State, Mount St. Mary's, Navy, New Jersey City College, Norfolk State, Rutgers, St. Augustine, St. Peter's, Salisbury, Shenandoah, South Florida, Towson, Villa Julie, Virginia, Virginia State.

MORE later...


Peter said...

Well done, Fox.

Daniel Weston said...

Good running there. Well done.

RM said...

Great job Jake. Way to clean up on those juco runners! Kidding about the juco, but seriously way to go - looks like USATF XC will be a good race for you with those wheels on.

KLIM said...

Thanks guys. Endurance, not speed work, is key. Press forward in the hope of good things to come.