Thursday, January 1, 2009

End of the Year Report

2007 was my best running year to date. 2008 was better, but I did not reach the marks I was hoping to hit. In 2007 I PR’d in 5k (15:21), 8k (25:12), 10k (31:29), 10 miles (52:53) and ran my first marathon (2:42). In 2008 I bettered my time for 5k (15:14), 10 miles (52:26) and the marathon (2:35). My hunch is that I would have PR’d in the 8k and 10k IF I had raced either distance when I was in peak form. I am running better than I ever have and ran more this year than any other year in my life. I ended the year with 3180 miles ~ approximately 60.5 mpw or 8.7 mpd.

I raced 14 times in 2008. That is approximately just over 1 race per month. Only 4-5 of these races were run during my taper. My spring taper was much more successful than my fall taper.

My best races were likely the Kentlands 5k, Cherry Blossom and the Army Ten Miler. I was very happy/impressed with my mile in mid-July (4:25) as I hadn’t trained for anything that fast. I was also pleasantly surprised more recently with the Jingle All the Way 10k (not a PR but a good effort considering where I was at with my training). I am definitely stronger than ever and my raw speed is still there. I get into shape quickly and rarely run a really terrible race.

The winner goes to the Falmouth Road Race. I broke down during the race and let the evil demons win. It was tough to run so poorly in front of my home crowd. I never should have raced the GW B-Day 10K last February. I was injured and racing injured is just plain stupid. The injury did NOT affect my race in anyway, but it wasn’t the best showing and there was no reason to race it. The Shamrock 5k was a downer but that was at the end of a 90 mile week. Rockville Twilighter was not good, but it was “hotter than two mice doing the nasty in a wool sock” that evening. Another disappointment this year was the Philly Distance Run. I truly believe I would have run the race of my life if I hadn’t fallen victim to the evil stomach. I would have paid the fiddler due to my early suicidal pace, but I was strong and could have at least finished respectfully. Instead I lost about 1 minute in 2 miles due to a sour stomach. Finally after mile 10, I decided to take care of the problem at a not-so-sanitary bathroom. Okay, enough about this.
I am averaging 2-3 injuries per year. This is not good. These are injuries that I’ve never had before. I am used to battling shin splints but they’ve been good for the most part. In February I had a bad knee and foot, in August I had a bad Achilles and later hip. The injury in February knocked me out of training for about 2 weeks. I basically ran through the injury in August. As of December 31, I seem to be clear of injury. Knock on wood.

The Boston Marathon will always haunt me. I was never more ready for a race in my life. Mentally and physically I was ready to rock. By mile 20, I was still on sub-2:33 pace (the goal was 2:33) but I feel apart and broke into a million pieces. I’ve never felt so broken in my life and I hope I never feel that way again in a race. The last 10k was a death march. It was a great experience and the GRC did outstanding as a team and it was good to run with friends and friendly faces. I can’t consider this a “bad” race as 2:35 is certainly respectable. However, “The Wall” always wins.

The end goal for me is to keep setting personal bests each spring and fall (peak seasons). This spring I’d like to PR in 5k, 8k, 10k and 10 miles. I have penciled in races where I think this is very likely. I aim to break 15:00 for 5k by March and then take my speed up and hammer a good Cherry Blossom (51:45 goal). Later that month, I’ll run Pikes Peak (10k) and then Broad Street (10 miles). I would love to dip under 31:00 for 10k but think a low 31 is more likely. If I am still walking and not in a wheel chair, I’ll attack the 8k distance in Germantown. Then I will shut it down and take some much needed time off. I’ll hit the usual summer races and then attack the fall race scene. I will probably head back to Philadelphia and take revenge on the Distance Run (13.1) and again run Army Ten Miler. There is a slight chance, if things go well, that I will jump in a marathon in the fall. If not, Chicago 2010 will be on my calendar.

2008 Race Results
2/16 - GW Birthday 10k - 32:18
3/16 - Shamrock 5k - 15:30
4/6 - Cherry Bloss 10 Miler - 52:37*
4/20 - Boston Marathon - 2:35:48*
5/31 - Georgetown 8k - 25:48
7/11 - Midsummers Mile - 4:25
7/19 - R'ville Twilighter 8k - 26:03
8/1 - Go for the Glory 2 Mile - 9:35
8/10 - Falmouth 7+ - 36:46
8/30 - Kentlands 5k - 15:14*
9/21 - Philadelphia 13.1 - 1:12:12
10/5 - Army 10 Miler - 52:26*
11/29 - BHSXC Alumni 2.92 - 15:31*
12/14 - Jingle 10k - 31:46


JARRIN said... need more taper and less race. That's the key to less injuries. Just my humble opinion.

That said, looking forward to running with you once more in 2009.

Your good friend,


Matias said...

The Red Fox and family were out on Hains Point tonight... great 2008, watch out 2009