Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tough Workout

During the warm-up I opted to shoot for 6x800s versus 8. The pace would be 2:22/2:23. If I felt good, I would shoot for 8.

Lap one was right on schedule (71) but lap two was 75. I cursed. After the 400m recovery, I went again. 71...75. Cursed again. What was wrong? After two 2:26s, I needed to focus. I hit rep 3 in 2:23. Okay, a little better. Number 4 was 2:24 and number 5 was 2:23. My form was terrible and I was laboring too much. My face grimaced and my upper body was tight. This was much harder than I had thought it'd be. I ended up hammering the last one and finished with a 2:22. I was pretty beat. My stomach was burning and I cooled down for only a mile.

I woke up and ran the "Zoo Loop" (14.5) with Bain and Max. It was the slowest I've run the loop in memory but it was fine with me. My legs were tired and heavy.

I've been running a lot more than I have been during the last week plus. I think the 4 miles @ 10-mile pace on Sunday had an affect on my workout last night. I tend to notice that in order to workout well, I need to only workout once a week. Or, at least to have an "A" workout and an easier "B" level workout (eg - marathon pace during a long run or off/on during a training run).
RED FOX SITING - As Bain and I reached the summit of Ross Drive in DC this morning, we happened upon a healthy Vulpes vulpes. He was running towards us on the road dodging around the falling tree limbs (very windy today). Upon seeing us, the fox headed into the woods and vanished. Goodbye 2008.

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PR said...

Not a bad workout at's still early, so don't forget that.

Have fun on the ski trip, even though I could see a "Shining"-type episode happening if you and Bert end up snowed in together.