Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Maryland, My Maryland"

That's the state song. Lee's troops sang it during their march through Maryland to Gettysburg. They hoped the Free State would rise up against the Federal Forces. Marylanders opted to stay with the Union after the Rebs ate their way from farm to farm, slaughtering chickens and pigs as they went. So much for that idea.

I returned to Maryland last night. I hate the drive along I-95. It is the worst drive in America. I ran an easy 8 before departing and got in an easy 5 this morning. I have a workout tonight 8 x 800m @ 5k pace w/300m rest. Should be a good one. Goal is 2:22s. We will see how it goes. I imagine I'll be pretty whipped by the end. Holiday/vacation schedules often make for some interesting weekly mileage totals. Tomorrow I'm running the Zoo Loop...if I hold pace, my 7-day total will be close to 85 miles. I haven't hit a 7-day number like that since my lead up to Boston last March. It will come just before some ski time out west. Thankfully one other runner will be with me so I shouldn't have any reason to slack off. Unfortunately, that runner will be the evil Bert Rodriguez. Bert and I will need to run together in order to get better. It will be like that episode of He-Man where both Skeletor (Bert) and He-Man (me) need to work together to defeat Evilseed, a plant-like villain looking to take over Eternia for himself. Wow.

Aside from the two days off last week due to the hand, my running has been going well. Steady mileage and limited workouts. Once I return from the ski trip and resume a "normal" schedule, I will begin to sharpen my training a bit. I am hoping to run a 3k/mile indoor double in 2 weeks. It will be a track rust buster/workout.

Tomorrow, on the plane, I will pen the RED FOX ANNUAL RUNNING REPORT. As the sun sets west of the Mississippi with scotch nip in hand, I will detail my successes and failures of 2008 and note what I will need to do differently in 2009 in order to reach success. You must first lose to win. Having an understanding for these failures is what will eventually bring success...like the success the fox in this picture is having with that mouse. Yeah...

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