Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tilden Woods

I explored a new place today called Tilden Woods Park. It's a simple playground park that I've run by many a' time before, but I recently discovered a mile or so of trails there. Anytime I can run on natural terrain, I'll take it! I went back to check it out, but was mauled twice by a pack of wild ferocious dogs. Actually, it was a group of dog walkers and I wasn't actually mauled, but for some reason the dogs wouldn't let me go. They kept sniffing and barking and growling. They must not like FOX! I kept the pace easy and as I left the park and headed home I noticed another (trail) area that might be worth exploring. Tomorrow I will venture that way and report my findings. 9+ today.

UPDATE: I may jump in a low profile 4.5 mile race on the Sunday after Christmas while back in Massachusetts. I am still weighing my options, but it'd be nice to stay "race fresh" during the winter.

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