Thursday, December 18, 2008

They’re All Gone

Since the race on Sunday, my runs each morning have felt pretty lethargic. I wake up longing for more sleep and force myself to shuffle down the dark street. Eventually I wake up and pick it up, but it’s been tough going. Until this morning, my legs have been generally sore while out on the roads which has likely further influenced my lethargic tendencies as of late. I am pleased to report that I’ve had no hip pain. Steady activity seems to be the key.

This morning I ran with Bain (again). After we parted (we usually only run 50-75% of the run together since we live 2 miles apart) I decided to throw in some surges. It would mix up the monotony and get me home a bit sooner. I felt surprisingly good during the pick-ups but my stomach was uneasy after a festive night on the town. It was around this time that I noticed the absence of the Port-A-Johns. Where had they gone? I cruised down the trail and noticed more were missing too. I think Montgomery County takes them away during the winter…I have noticed this during previous winters. Why, MoCo, why? Like a hound dog to a hunter, the Port-A-John is a runner’s best friend - it’s loyal, always there for you and often gets dirty (struggling a little with this analogy). I could keep going but this is a “family blog” and I wouldn’t want anyone to think differently of me.

I hope by early January I will get into my new running routine. I’ll hopefully start some (indoor) workouts in anticipation for the 3k I am running in a month. The goal will be to run the 3k just a tad faster than my intended 5k pace. Ideally, this should feel comfortable and it should be easy. Above all, the race is only a workout. Anyone out there want to rabbit for me in the 3k for a mile – 35/36s x 8…? I assume I will hop in the mile as well.


Peter said...

Port o Johns are hives of disease. Just find some secluded wooded area. It's the greener option. (think carbon cycle as explained to SNOW on the camp trek)

KLIM said...

If SNOW comes with a ziplock bag I am game.

RM said...

I run into a similar problem probably twice a week. Most recently was on my Wednesday night run, and finding a bathroom in the hood of Baltimore can be tough. I managed to make it to Patterson Park, where there were no bathrooms of any kind. Other than the tree, 125 feet from the road, with no toilet paper or leaves. It was great.

Snizow said...

You guys are sick. I wasn't going to say it after reading KLIM's post, but having read the comments, you guys still can't seem to accept the green-friendly ethos of "leave no trace," can you? Accept it. Make it your new year's resolution. I can explain more next time we meet (assuming BLOWPATH brings some Purell, requisite to any sanitary meeting of our group).

Peter said...

I will bring a 55 gallon drum of purell. I will need two sherpas to carry it.