Monday, December 15, 2008

The Morning After

I slept like a baby fox last night, which I often do after a race. Maintaining tradition, I decided to forgo the run this morning and instead ran at night with Bain. The weather was pleasant and we both ditched our shirts. We must have looked like madmen running shirtless with headlamps down Wisconsin Ave in DC as shoppers strolled by Saks and Brooks Brothers looking for Yuletide gifts. My legs were pretty sore at the get go, but they warmed up and by the end of the run I felt considerably loose. I ran around 10 miles and then dined on Chipotle. Bain continued and added on some more miles. No hip pain.

I am very happy with where I am at right now. I feel strong and my fitness is certainly there. I lack that raw speed, but I know with a few key workouts I can really put together a string of good races. I need to "chill" for a bit and think long term, but this is easy to do. Sunday's race was the fastest 10k of the year and my second fastest 10k ever. I am right there on the verge of running some PRs and with a little more training I hope to demolish my current marks.

I start a new schedule tomorrow. I'll need to start waking up a little bit earlier with the new job and I won't be able to hang out in my place as much as I used to during the morning. This also means getting to bed a bit earlier.

OTTER! I saw an otter today during my walk to work. He was swimming and playing in the pond near my place. As commuters ushered past, no one else seemed to notice or care. I will keep a keen eye out for him when I pass by tomorrow.


Chika Patel said...

Komal confirmed your infamous Otter sighting! I'll have to stop calling you crazy now. boo

KLIM said...

Ummm yeah, thanks.

Komal said...

LOL, I'm now a believer...good thing you called me or I never would have been!