Friday, December 19, 2008

Dark n' Stormy

I decided to sleep in today and will now need to run tonight. Last night I went out with an assortment of individuals to see the White House Christmas Tree and the flaming Yuletide log down on the National Mall. The evening concluded with an Irish decaf coffee with Bailey’s at a swanky hotel bar …mmm. And it only cost $15!

It’s been pouring all day. Miserable. The air seems quiet though. Workers have the holidays on their minds and I suspect tonight’s run to be dark and dreary. This suits me fine on this Friday evening.

My upper left leg has been cramped all day. I keep stretching it but I’m afraid that I am beginning to draw stares. Maybe a run will do it good? I’ve had somewhat of a faux day off after not running since Thursday morning and I suspect THAT is the reason why I am achy.


I used to read all the time. On my old metro commutes I would pour through thick biographies on Truman, Churchill, John Adams, Daniel Boone, Lincoln and the like. I’d also devour books on military history; every sixth book I read was a history of the First World War. I am a history geek at heart and am constantly trying to keep sharp by reading. I’ve struggled getting into a book during the past few months but recently found success with a nail biter by James Swanson. Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer was fantastic; a real page turner. It chronicles Lincoln’s dying hours and the subsequent dragnet for John Wilkes Booth…which literally takes place right in DC’s backyard. In addition, the book details the plot to take down Vice President Johnson (which never materialized) and Secretary of State Seward (face was slashed open, but he survived). It came out a few years ago, but is definitely worth grabbing.

I am currently reading the Civil War classic; Battle Cry of Freedom, which outlines the state of the United States prior to the war between the states. It will be required reading when I’m nominated for Secretary of Education.


Peter said...

I've read manhunt, great book. It's being made into a film (Tom Hanks starring)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. I've read Manhunt, too. I recommend American Brutus by Michael Kauffman. It is also a real page turner, and Kauffman's knowledge of the assassination is much more extensive. American Brutus is the best book you can read on the subject. Glad to read you run in Washington. The city is beautiful and special, especially at this time of year.

KLIM said...

Thanks Anonymous.

I will have to "" that book and get some more info.