Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cold Rainy Run

Today's run was downright miserable. Temps hovered in the high 30s and a steady rain fell from above. Following RM's advice, I wore shorts because I am "tough" and "from the north" but after a mere 5 minutes, I was cold and soaked to the bone.

I stayed on roads for the most part and ran part of the old "TV Repair Loop". I f$#%ing hate the TV repair Loop. The loop cuts through Old Kensington and passed a shop that fixes TVs. I don't think they've had a customer since 1978. I ran past a bunch of old antique stores and across traffic-heavy Connecticut Ave. I cut the run short and opted for an easy 8. My hip was better today, but I am not 100% satisfied. Sunday's race will be a true test. If I am sore (really sore!) on Monday, I may need to adjust my strategy. As aside, s
earching for "wet fox" on the internet can get you to some interesting sites.


THE KRIS said...

it's rarely a good idea to follow RM's advice concerning what to wear.

MAX said...


you are young and with youth comes stubbornness.

Every athlete has hip problems. Stretching it will do nothing for long term fixing of the problem. 99% sure the hip flexor is weak/tight because something else has broken down and the hip is taking on more than it should and or compensating. Most likely you need to do some strength work. On sat i will show you some basic stuff you can do on your own to provide more strength to the hips, the glutes and the hamstrings.

If you do not fix the hip tightness other things will begin to falter and then your blog will begin to sound more and more like Jarrin's.

JARRIN said...

Don't dress like an asshole.


PS - For the first time, I'll admit (once and only this time) that Max is making SOME sense. You keep pushing this and your hip is fucked. Honestly??? It's retarded. Take a few months off to "recover and strengthen and then ATTACK!" Isn't that what you would tell me? Stop worrying about age and time - you have plenty of both left.

JARRIN said...

PSS - Cute fox.

KLIM said...

Don't worry, it hasn't come to that yet. I actually don't think taking tons of time off does much good for an injury like this. It seems to be fine while I run and worse when I start/stop. I have had much success training through injuries and listening to the body. I am winning the war.

RM said...

Jake, it's all about the war, not the battles. Proving you are better than the injury makes you a man. That's what I do all the time, and only once in a while does it affect my racing performances. Then I just hedge my bets by doing 27 races a year.

As for my advice for cold rain, well shoot - there is no type of weather I hate training in more than 35-43 degree rain. I think I probably would have opted for spandex. Especially with your hip, you would probably want to keep that warm.

I shall now google "wet fox" and maybe I'll slip and type a B instead of an F.

KLIM said...

I actually do not own spandex. I usually run in running pants if it's cold. I've never RACED in anything but (short) shorts.

Seriously though, I talk about my hip so much because I need to talk about something on this blog. I like to track its progress (or lack there of) so I can see what works what doesn't.

The old men (Max and Jarrin) who posted above have huge injuries..much worse than my "strain". Max has had every injury under the sun since his insane National Marathon-Cherry Blossom-Boston Marathon triple of 2006. 62 miles of hard racing in a month. It earned him an eye-popping 2:33 at Boston...but it seems to have crippled him. I predict he will be back in force in 2 years, just in time to hit the master's circuit. As for Jarrin, well, he's simply an @sshole. Plantar is arguably the worst injury a runner could have. You NEED to take tons of time off and it feels as if it never heals.

Peter said...

Klim, you are one who puts pride before sense. But I see cracks in the armor. Running with an iPod is a slippery slope into running with spandex. Some cold, miserable morning in the future you will swallow your pride, don a pair of running tights and discover what you have been missing.