Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Battle

The Battle continues...

Today, the hip is better than yesterday. I ran 10 this morning and it was a balmy 60 degrees outside. Shorts and t-shirt. Almost ditched the shirt at one point, but then the rain came down. I ran to Bain's pad and he met me outside his lobby. He ran a few miles with me before parting per his workout tonight. I've opted to not run the workout. The race on Sunday, in a sense, will be a workout for me and I don't think I'm in a position to run hard twice a week. In all honesty, my hip feels okay, but I am a little concerned. I think I just need to stretch it more and the dull pain will ease. However, I am still being extra cautious and keeping telling myself I have far more to lose than gain seeing how it's only December. The spring offensive starts in March and that's when I'll really need to be ready to fight.

Unfortunately, my legs own me. They are my master and I, their slave. They will eventually win, but not before I use and abuse them. They'll suck you in. You're training gets going and then they get you! You're helpless, but you must act. What do you do - take time off or fight on? Fortunately for me, it has not come to that...yet. I can still train. I feel like that fox in the Disney Classic (at least I think it is a classic) The Fox and the Hound in which the small fox is fighting a gigantic evil bear. This metaphor seems to work (I guess?) for me and my legs...sort of. Perhaps it's just another excuse to put up a picture of a fox?