Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Hip Strikes Back

On Saturday, I met the GRC for a group run. We had a fairly large contingent of guys and we eased our way into a solid 10 miler...gradually picking up the pace until we got back to the store. The women's crew, 4-5 strong, went out and did their own thing. Reaves, Bain, Matias, Sam and I continued down the Towpath and pushed on for another out-and-back 5 miles. I had planned to open the valves a little and make it an honest effort from miles 10-12/13 and then ease my way home. Our group hung together as we labored down the Canal. It was hard to feel spry while wearing so many clothes (28 degs out) but we did fairly well hitting one mile in around 5:38. However, later in the day, my hip began to ache. I had a flight to catch and did my best to "stretch" the hip (usually involves ferociously punching my upper leg in a quick fit of rage) but it never felt great.

I spent the night on Amelia Island near Jacksonville, FL. It was my first time staying at a Ritz Carlton and it was definitely pretty fancy. I walked around the hotel in a blazer and gave orders to bellhops. I ran 9+ on Sunday - some on the beach and some along the flat wind whipped roads around the hotel. It wasn't the greatest run (boring) and I was very fearful my hip would act up...however, there was NO PAIN whatsoever! I can't quite figure this hip thing out. I waded in the cold Atlantic for 10 minutes in an effort to comfort my sore legs (general dullness from the week). I finished the week with 76 miles (80 in 7 days) which is the most for me since the first week of September. I don't plan on getting much higher than 70 until this hip is feels better. However, last week was a perfect week with respect to training; workout, double, 10 mile days, 15 mile long run...this is close to the training regiment I'd like to follow leading up to March/April.

I decided to take Monday off. I was too busy to run and had a flight to catch mid-day (caveat - I suppose one can always make time to run, so "too busy" ain't a good excuse!). I am fine where I am at now with running, so an off day is okay with me.

This morning I ran 10 and pushed the pace near the end. I ran with an IPod which is something I've done only a handful of times. The first time I ran with an IPod, I ran 10 miles in 60:30 on the NCR Trail. It's hard to run slow when Michael Jackson is screaming "Beat It" in your ear. Because of that, I usually don't use one. I don't have one of those arm bands to hold the IPod in place so for the first 4 miles I stopped a half dozen times and awkwardly shifted the devide from pants pocket, to jacket pocket to inside my glove...until finally I just held it. If it were 10 degrees colder it would have been brutal (IPod is metal and my hands tend to freeze when it's 35 out). The hip was hurting again after not hurting at all on Sunday. Maybe a day off is bad for the hip? Maybe I should keep the pressure on by running everyday and keep the hip loose? I will need to experiment...


Peter said...

It is really hard for me to imagine you, the guy who allegedly writes a training log with a quill pen by candlelight, using an Ipod while running.

KLIM said...

Tis hard to imagine...hence why I hardly ev'r do. Also, the phonograph I used to carry while running was simply too cumbersome.

RM said...

I upset one of the old guys (65+) that runs with our social running club on Mondays once by suggesting he probably had a phonograph. You know, cause he's old. What a mess.

Jake, you're from up north man, you should relish the cold. Shorts and a long sleeve tech tee at 28 degrees should be all you need!