Monday, January 13, 2014

Second Week Back

Things are progressing nicely.

Like last week, this week I ran every other day increasing the amount of time on my feet ever so slightly.

On Tuesday, I ran 5 miles. This was officially the coldest run in my life - it was -16 degrees with the windchill when I ran, 0 degrees without. It was a great experience, for sure.

On Thursday, I ran 6 miles - with Scott and Jordan.

On Saturday, I ran 6 and a half in freezing rain from up and down the Old Georgetown Trail. It was absolutely miserable. The only thing worse than running in these conditions was not running at all. Right now, I'm happy to be (somewhat) healthy.

On Sunday, I ran "long" with Texas Paul and got in 8.5. We hit the trails above and the towpath below Old Angler's Inn. Sam was strangely absent. My knee bothered me on the up and downs (and a result of running two days in a row?), but overall, it was a great week in the right direction.

I am still doing stretches and strength work each day.

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