Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Slooowly Ramping Back Up

I didn't run a step last week. On Monday I woke up achy and exhausted. It felt like I had the flu, but I wasn't sneezing, coughing etc. I think I must have eaten something strange on Sunday. Regardless, I was too weak to walk up steps, let alone run. I slept 14 hours and watched TV. Then I crawled back to life...

On Tuesday I flew to Portland, Maine and began work on a new project. By Wednesday I was in Machias in Downeast, Maine, but never had a spare moment to run. In addition, rain came down in sheets and the weather was bone-chilling - for Memorial Day weekend anyway. I hadn't packed anything other than t-shirts.

Fast forward to Monday. After a week off from running, I took to the trails that morning and ran 7.5 down an ATV track along a tidal river. I saw a bald eagle - a nod to Memorial Day - and continued on my way. Seals and seabirds were throughout the river eating smaller fish. After a couple of slowish miles, I got back into the hang of things and cruised around 6:30 pace. 

On Tuesday I ran a similar loop and got in another 7.5.

I had the day off on Wednesday and ran 9 miles along the Aroostook Valley Trail (ATV) in Presque Isle WAY up in northern Maine. It was pretty monotonous, but still pleasant. Heck, dirt roads are always ideal and I barely see anyone while I'm out running. I settled into 6:20s halfway through the run and finished the 9 in 58:00.

As is often the case after a week off, my legs were achy and stiff, but also rested. Hopefully I can keep up my streak.

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