Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Up and at 'em

After a very light, precautionary 3-days of training last week, I think I'm back at it. 

I took Thursday and Friday off and then ran an easy 25 minutes on Saturday and had no pain. On Sunday, I met with Sarah Buckheit and she seemed to think I was good to go. She considered the issue a blip on the radar, but nothing more - "I'd pretend it never happened", she remarked as she rolled up her stretch mat. I will...

On Monday, I met Sam for an easy 7 around the Tilden Trails. No pain. 

On Tuesday, I met Sam's nemesis, Karl, for 9 miles. Again, no pain.

My form deteriorated pretty bad during Cherry Blossom and I bet that's what caused my setback. Spending a day moving heavy boxes only added to the problem. Sarah also suggested that running fast in the same direction on the track so often (once per week) might also be to blame. Since my hip/pelvis seem to have alignment issues, I believe this is an adequate hypothesis. Either way, I think I'm going to limit the amount of track workouts I do and begin to focus more on doing workouts on the roads.

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