Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Unknown Strikes Back

I began to feel the discomfort during my 3 x mile workout last Wednesday. I brushed it off as nothing – residual pain/discomfort from Cherry Blossom perhaps? DOMS, maybe? 

The discomfort continued, but it was just that – discomfort, not pain.

On Saturday I found myself running up a trail alongside Crabtree Falls, the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi River. I was somewhere in the middle of the George Washington National Forest some 3.5 hours away from Washington DC. The going was certainly challenging, but the 2 mile climb via dirt footpath, and even stairs at times, felt just fine. At the top of the climb, I found a path which connected be to the Appalachian Trail. I stumbled across a handful of vacant tents - their bright colors a stark contrast to the earth tone hews that surrounded me. My endurance was there. Life was good.

When I returned to my cabin (where I was spending the night), I felt just fine, but later in the evening my discomfort returned. I took the next two days off as a precaution. I also knew I would be giving my entire body a “workout” of because I would be moving (homes) the next day.

By the time the sun set on Monday, the Fox Den, my launching pad to get to Rock Creek Park for the past 6.5 years, was no more. The Fox Den was dead. And, my left leg didn’t feel much better. In fact, my entire body felt wrecked from lifting beds, dressers and couches. I eyed my thigh cautiously, but wanted to shake it out the next morning.

I shuffled an easy 5 on Tuesday and felt meh. I ran a mile longer on Wednesday with Karl and felt about the same. It wasn’t getting better. I vowed to take a couple days off and see if that corrects the problem. Cherry Blossom might have caused damage and the rigorous Monday move might have exemplified it.

The good news, if there is good news, is that this discomfort is centered in my LEFT leg (i.e. – my “good” leg), but the bad news is that there is discomfort and it mimics the feeling I had two years ago in my upper right leg.

Emily thinks my discomfort is moving – from my adductor to my hamstrings. 

I’m not sure what to think at all.

On Sunday, I plan to see my old friend Sarah and have her weigh in.


Johnnie Cochran said...

Moved out of the fox den? Domesticating?

KLIM said...

Now, it's Fox HALL. Think "Toad Hall", but with foxes...