Saturday, March 10, 2012

Return to Racing

Tomorrow marks my return to competitive racing and, frankly, I'm fired up about it!

Coach Jerry is adamant about me not putting any pressure on myself and I assured him I'm wouldn't. I know I am not in the shape I was in two years ago, but I do hope to be in that shape again someday, so this is the first of many steps forward in that direction. I know I am a good racer, so I am confident I'll run to the best of my ability, but what ability that is, I simply don't know. Whatever happens, happens. I am, however, very excited to stick my nose back into the fray and compete. While getting my ass kicked around on Charles and Pratt Streets might not be glamorous, it'll be a welcomed relief from the humdrum of everyday training. 

And, while the winning time might not be as fast as it's been in recent years, intelligence reports from Charm City indicate a very competitive field tomorrow. Apparently there will be a handful of guys aiming for a finish between 15:10 and 15:30. I'll be sure to be in that mix. 

I'm looking to scrap.

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