Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pulling Back the Bow

This week was a down week. Over the past month I've been upping the mileage and intensity ever so slightly and since I was starting a new job  I decided this would be a good week to ease back. 

On Monday I ran an easy 6 miles around the NIH with the NBDP. My blood sugar plummeted and all I wanted to do after 20 minutes of running was drink Gatorade. After 30 minutes I would have eaten anything put before me.

On Tuesday I join the same crew for a run up Rock Creek. We hit the dry Fox & Deer Trail for most of our run. 

On Wednesday I shuffled an easy 4 miles with Dusen in the morning before hitting up BCC that night for some track. After a long day at work, the heavens greeted me with a steady rain. I got to the track late and hurriedly set about running a warm-up on the track. The workout was classic - 6 x mile cutdown - except this time there would only be 2:00 rest but I would only be running 5 reps. Two minutes, I soon found out, was really only about a 200m jog. I hit the first reps essentially right on pace - 5:05 and 5:04. Then 4:58 and 5:00. The going was getting tough, but I knew I had one more in me. I attempted to lead the last rep, but after a quick start I soon feel off pace. I worked like hell the last 300m to pull back to 4:55 pace and finished in 4:57. It was my best workout since coming back and most importantly my legs felt surprisingly fresh during my cool down.

I ran an easy 8 on Thursday with Hanson and took Friday off. It was my first day off since returning from Africa five weeks ago. It wasn't perticularly needed, nor wanted, but I had a busy day and I knew it would happen, so I let it. It IS a down week after all.

On Saturday I ran 15 with the GRC from the Store. It's my best long run in a few weeks and I felt hungry for more miles.

And now, time for an analogy..

As I explained to Coach Jerry earlier this week, I feel as if I am slowly pulling back a bow. At first the bow was tight and it didn't have much give, but now I've finally got a handle on it and I'm creaking it backwards. Jerry cautioned me against firing too soon at an "artificial deadline" and explained I had all the time in the world (which is true I suppose) to round into shape. I'm ready to release an arrow and get a gauge on my range, but all the while it'll keep cranking that damn bow back.

And backwards it goes.


RM said...

Yo, seriously be careful about releasing too early. Premature arrow release is a leading cause of blindness.

KLIM said...

I get it...I think...