Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day's End

On President's Day I met a bunch of dudes at Carderock for a run along the C&O Canal Towpath and in the trails above Old Angler's. It was nice to stay on soft surfaces for 100% of the run, but my IT band was a little tired by the time I finished. We got in 9.5.

On Tuesday afternoon I met Sam at Swains Lock for an out-and-back ten along the Canal. There is something about running along the Canal/the Potomac near sunset. Although it was cold and a little windy, it is incredibly quiet and downright peaceful. On our way back to the parking lot, we spied two bald eagles circling in the sky above. Soon after we came across a rafter of turkeys meandering between the canal and river. Sam noted how both species were final contestants in our "national bird" debate some 230+ years ago. I hate to admit this, but he was right. Oh, we also saw the nose of a muskrat before it dipped below the surface.

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