Sunday, February 19, 2012

Animal Farm

My legs were feeling pretty tired on Friday, so I decided to wait until the afternoon to run and then, when I did, I only ran 7 miles.

The next day I met the team at the track for a time trial. Instead of running the 3,000m with the group, I hopped in the second rep of Sam's 3 x 3200m as that rep was suppose to be 9:45. Running 9:45 solo must suck, so I figured he could use some company. After a fast first 400m, we hit 800 and 1600 (4:52) right on pace. Soon thereafter, my wheels slowly came off and I ground to a halt. I ended up running 9:55. Needless to say I provided no company for Sam. If I hadn't gone out on 9:45 pace I am certain I'd be a little faster, but it doesn't really matter. By throwing myself back in the mix so quickly I hope to get in shape exponentially faster than normal. Heck, a week ago I wouldn't have been able to run 10:15 for 2 miles, so at least I am moving in the right direction. My legs felt surprisingly well after the workout during the long cool down.

On Sunday I met a large group of GRCers at The Line for the famed Zoo Loop. While traversing down Zoo Hill we sidetracked over to see THE panda, some cheetahs, one of which stalked out party of runners, and the maned wolf, which reportedly looks like a "red fox on stilts". Naturally I was excited to spy a relative, but alas, no wolves today...We never really got going per usual, but I tried to press Ross Drive little. By run's end my IT band was sore, but other than that I was feeling strong. 

This caps off a 70 mile week, which included my first "real" workout as well as a time trial. The past 3 weeks, since returning from Africa, I've averaged 9-10 miles per day. I just need to keep at it and...well, that's really it -I just need to keep at it.

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