Thursday, December 15, 2011

Progress Again

Last week I ran every other day until I felt as if my foot issue was behind me. That strategy seemed to work, as I no longer have any pain on the top of my left foot. I was also experiencing some plantar-esque pain on the bottom of my right foot and, although still present at times, that too has subsided. I am now running every day again. I hope to be put in a solid long run this weekend and be back around 60 miles for the week. I am very tired of all these annoying distractions. Not much to report really.

In the meantime, I am penning my end of the year report, which I’ll probably post next week. It details my numerous frustrations with 2011 and notes where I intend to go from here.


a said...
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bob said...

hey jake,

glad you're bouncing back from your injuries and good luck in 2012. my name is bob, and i actually met you after the vets day 10k(i run in jerrys other group NOVA). enjoy reading your blog and noticed you have done falmouth a couple of times. trying to plan a summer family vacation around a race and figure what better place than cape cod. only problem is i noticed that registration isnt until may and i would obviouslly need a vaca rental lined up way before then. is falmouth difficult to get into? or should i be looking at beach to beacon or one of the other lower key cape cod races to play it safe? thanks in advance and good luck again with the training.

KLIM said...

Thanks Bob.

I grew up on Cape Cod and first ran the FRR back in 1995. It's a great race, though it is a tough one (heat/hills).

The "Brew Run" might be the same weekend as Falmouth and that is a good race too. One of the largest on the Cape. It's in Brewster.

I'd try like hell to get into Falmouth and use the Brew Run as a fallback.

bob said...

thank jake.

hadn't heard about the brewster run but that sounds like a good time. i like that these cape cod races are centered around pubs and beers.