Monday, November 14, 2011

Seven Days a Week

I got back into the swing of things last week. I ran every day, but I bookended my Saturday long run with two easy days of running. Essentially I ran 45-60 minutes from Monday to Thursday and then ran a very easy 5 miles on Friday. On Saturday I left Grosvenor for the Chevy Chase Store by way of the Rock Creek Trail and Western Ave. The distance is about 9 miles. At first I felt low on sugar and low on steam, which is surprising because I wolfed down coffee, toast with jelly and some Gatorade all within an hour of starting my run. I occasionally checked splits and seemed to hover around 6:40 pace. After 45 minutes I snapped out of my funk and began to push the pace on the ups and downs of Western. I arrived at the store a few minutes after 9am and joined up with the team for a 9-mile run. We essentially ran a big hour-long loop via the CCT, Georgetown Branch Tail and the Rock Creek Trail. I pushed the pace again when I got back on rolling Western for the second time that morning. I finished up the day with 18 miles; my longest run in well over a year. The next morning I ran an easy, stop-and-go 7 miles while watching the team battle local competition at the Veteran’s Day 10k. They won.

I got in 62 miles, my highest week of mileage in about one year. I plan to run a light workout on Saturday before heading home for Turkey next week and trying my hand at a Turkey Trot 5k.

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