Friday, November 11, 2011

Return to Normalcy...I hope

Last week I traveled to New York City and worked for a television production company filming and producing various marathon-themed projects throughout the week. Highlights included a commercial with Ryan Hall, a promotional video for Indonesia and a chance to ride backwards on a moped while filming a reality TV star running the race. The good news was that I enjoyed every minute of this “work”, but the bad news was my running (again) suffered since every waking hour was spent working. I was able to engage in a few jaunts around Central Park and some street running in and around Midtown. Essentially I ran enough to get by.

Now, I will attempt to, as Warren G. Harding once famously said, “return to normalcy”. Next job withstanding, I shouldn’t have any roadblocks from here on out.

My plan is as follows:

1. attempt to run 7 days per week

2. slowly ramp my miles up to 65-70 mpw

3. increase long runs from 15/16 miles to 2 hours/18 miles

4. continue to stretch rigorously and add stretches as need

5. commence workouts by January

In two weeks I will race a Turkey Trot on Cape Cod. It’s the same 5k I did two years ago, before I had my PR spring. My time was dismal – 16:00 – but a few months later I was running a far faster pace for triple that distance. That being said, the race will be a good benchmark of where I am at and how much work I’ll have to do.

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