Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sealing Great

On Friday I set out for ten miles in the early afternoon. I always seem to run at weird, random times of the day when I am back home. Often times I crash or my stomach hurts when I run at these odd times, but yesterday I felt surprisingly good especially considering the fact I had a race the day before. I looped around Barnstable Harbor where I spied a seal sunning himself on the rocks. It kind of looked like this. I stopped and stared for a moment and then continued on my way. I next stopped at the grave of a childhood friend who passed away about a decade ago. I made another quick stop to visit some neighbors a few miles later. The weather was unseasonably warm so the stops didn't cause the old warm-cold-warm-cold feeling you get when you stop a lot in the colder months. I got moving at a very good clip and it felt like I hadn't even raced yesterday. I floated down the road back home in 5:45 pace and then slothed around on the couch for the rest of the day. Black Friday is great.

On Saturday I helped put on our annual high school cross country alumni race. I didn't race this year, but ran the 2.9 mile course as a warm-up and as a cooldown with old pal, and frequent Red Fox blog reader, Seth Reid and then ran home, exploring some trails along the way. Again, weather was quite warm for this time of year (60) and the sun made it feel more like spring than fall. I got in 11.

My time at home is quickly coming to an end, but not before I run long tomorrow with Sir Joe of Navas at Nickerson State Park.

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