Monday, May 9, 2011

Kissing Speed

I awoke on Saturday morning after a semi-wild Friday evening at a dual bachelor party. I crept back to the Fox Den "early" away from the vices of H Street in order to get in SOME sleep before the next morning's long run. Many RED FOX blog readers were in attendance so they will probaly refute this version of the story...

In any case, I met The Outlaw, Dusen, Luff, PMurphy, Dangerous Dave Wertz, Brian (no nickname) Young, Texas Paul and Mike C for a run at B-CC. All of us stayed together for a 2 mile warm-up but then Dave, Dusen and PDiddy ran off towards the track for a variety of different workouts. The rest of us ventured towards Silver Spring on the CCT and looped through Rock Creek Park. The plan was for Outlaw to run 3 miles at 5:15 pace once we hit one hour. I wanted to join for a mile or so in an attempt to "kiss" some speed without going into the tank. I ducked in behind Outlaw and Tex with the goal of staying relaxed.
The weather was damn near perfect and I felt strong and confident amongst the faster feet. We ditched shirts and let the cool air cool our sweat. I ran 1.5 miles with the guys before pealing off. Thinking they might U-turn at the next mile marker, I waited so that I could possibly push the last half mile plus, but they never came and instead charged south towards Georgetown. I regrouped and shuffled to the next half mile marker, turned, and then pressed the pace uphill for a half mile. I ran 2:34 but it felt much slower for a total of 2 miles "hard". I ran a few more miles and got in 14 for the day, happy I was able to push some during the run sans any pain.

I ran with bachelors no more, Bain and Marren on Sunday in the wilds of West Virginia. Ban and Murphy joined in the fun and together we ran "not quite 8". I was happy to get in 51 last week in 5 runs, but I realize on Saturday how sluggish I feel pressing the pace. Hopefully that will change soon - I've decided to commence Wednesday night workouts again, starting this week. For the first time since July, I'll return to the track and will now be under the tutelage of Jerry Alexander. The goal is to run 6 x 800m "by feel".


Charlie Ban said...

Brian Young = Young Breezy

Chris Vames Sloane said...

awesome, jake.