Sunday, April 17, 2011

Longest Run Yet

The rain began to fall as soon as I got to the Store. It wasn't a heavy rain nor was the temperature cold, but the weather certainly wasn't welcomed.

I've been battling an on/off again cold/cough for about a week. The work travel seems to be taking a toll on me to a degree. Each time I come back from a shoot I have a day or two where I feel under the weather. It's never really a bad cold, just something that knocks me off my feet for a few days, causes me to snore while I sleep and leave me lethargic. In any case, I was determined to get in my long run despite a runny nose so off into the wet abyss I ran. Murphy, Jordan and Max joined me in the fun, but once I got to Ernst Hill I was alone in my quest for 14 miles. The rain pelted me from all sides and I did my best to hid under the brim of my periwinkle Nike cap, but I was soaked to the bone. I shivered some, then picked up the pace, carefully negotiating my way down the meandering trails which inevitably deposited me into the heart of Rock Creek Park. The Zoo was empty and the menacing prairie dogs were nowhere to be scene. I up-ticked my cadence and double timed it back to the Towpath all the while thinking of hot showers and chicken soup. Then I shut it down. The leg, butt, hammy and all that seemed to hold up just fine and I smiled.

On Sunday I woke up sore and my run out to Pike's Peek wasn't very eventful. My upper hammy was tired but it never affected my run. I got in 7 while the team PR'd down the pike. Another good day for the GRC.

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