Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Days On

A dog stood there in the middle of the trail. Watching. Its owner was just a leash distance away. The dog continued to stare as I approached. But, he wasn't threatening. Instead, he appeared scared. I was clicking away low 6:00s and I felt good. I smiled at the owner and said something clever, but the woman didn't reply. Instead, she looked nervously towards me, mimicking the expression worn by her dog. Maybe they knew something that I didn't. Maybe they were right. 

Per the chiropractor, I took Monday off and ran Tuesday, Wednesday and today, Thursday. Today I watched a deer jump a four foot fence in front of me while trying to catch up with his friends. Oh, and Wiggy was there too. 

I feel fine I guess, but I'd like to be feeling better. I see the chiro tomorrow and I hope to get in 12 tomorrow. Injury aside, I am slowly crawling back into shape. Hopefully the cold weather will dissipate and spring will finally spring.


Johnnie Cochran said...

I am guessing most people will be taking it easy tomorrow, will you be at the store for 12? That is what I am looking for as well.

KLIM said...

Yes. 12 is great - out-and-back on that towpath at 9am?