Friday, March 4, 2011

Back to Texas

I ran 7 miles on Wednesday morning and then went to see Dr. Beck (chiro revealed!) at the rare time of noon o'clock. My run went well that morning and I was very surprised to realize how fast I was going (6:10 pace) once I found a realistic split to check. I'm not intentionally trying to run faster than normal, but I seem to be fresh while running every other day. Injury wise, I was okay, though when I actually stopped running I noticed my leg tie up a bit. Once I got walking again and got to work, that pain seemed to dissipate.

Beck put a new strip of Kinesid Tex tape on my right leg as that seems to be helping some. He adjusted me and then sent me off. I saw a Red Fox blog reader lurking mysteriously in the reception area, before having to scurry back to the office to put out numerous brush fires.

I found out late last week that I'd have to go back to Texas this week. So here I am Texas. Elgin, Texas, according to Texas Paul and every other Texican I've spoken with, is famous for Elgin Sausage. I may or may not have tried Elgin sausage. I just can't remember. I have dined at the establishment that boasts this fine meat, but alas, I can't remember how good it was or wasn't. On Thursday morning, I ran "The Long Road to Nowhere" again. The temps were cool and I donned a long sleeve shirt. Dead polecats litter the road and there is a never ending cacophony of roosters cock-a-doodling throughout the morning...and frankly throughout the day. At night the sounds of roosters are replaced by coyotes. This is real Texas living. This particular fox is constantly chased and harassed by hounds, but that seems to be a norm. I got in 40 minutes or so. Being on my feet all day post-run doesn't necessarily help the injury, but I can't really get around that. I fly back to DC on Sunday, but then fly out to Sacramento on Wednesday. Once I return from the west coast, I hope I'll be able to start running every day.

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