Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Might Be Working

On doctor's orders, I ran 6 miles on Wednesday morning and then I drafted the following report for the chiropractor:

I ran 41 mins/6 miles but it felt relaxed. Avoided ice and hills (mostly). I watched my stride and it seems more "stretched" and I tried to keep the stride moving "forward" without REALLY trying...if that makes sense. My knees seem to want to lift up more, but of course that makes my stride faster. No pain in upper right quad (a la the other two runs) but I will foam roll anyway. A "1" or "2" (at most) out of a 1-10 pain in the pubis symphisis area. I did some high-knees and butt kicks in last 1/2 mile before cooling down.

Headline: This is my best run since coming back this past week.

My message might sound optimistic, but if I have a good run these days, there is reason to celebrate to a degree. The chiro notes that my right leg swings outward when I run instead of straight/forward, so I am trying to correct that when I run, but the chiro is also trying to correct that with his exercises. The chiro also told me that I (and the ortho doc) underestimated the time off I would need after a couple of stress fractures. I've heard this from him before and I fear he is right. I've been dealing with this injury for 6 months. That's a long ass time. I originally intended a short fix after a 50-day hiatus from running, coupled with an aggressive water-running campaign, in an effort to get back in shape in time for Cross Country Club Champs in December. Ha! I rolled my eyes when I was asked whether I'd be ready for Cherry Blossom, "Of course! I'm going to run 49:55..." Before I even think about racing, I need to first think about running. And, in order to start running, I need to correct this issue while I'm down.

Sarah adds: You ran a bunch of PRs last spring with horrible biomechanics. So bad that they caused you to break a bone in two places (or two bones in one place each). Think of what you can do now that you have discovered the foam roller, core, stretching and better form.

As of today, I have no long-term racing plans. I'm going to see this injury through, get back into shape and, in turn, win the damn war.


walt said...

you will get better.

Chris Vames Sloane said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Mr. Fox!!!

KLIM said...

Thanks guys.