Monday, February 21, 2011

The Weekend in Texas

On Saturday morning I decided to run the Long Road to Nowhere again. It was the best running road I had found and I wanted to push my game up to 8 miles...and I knew there was plenty of real estate in which to do that. The previous night's festivities put a bit of a hamper in my stride, but I managed to run much faster than I had 2 days earlier along that same route. Sometimes scotch has that effect. There were a few long, gentle hills, but nothing that hindered my injury area much. I got moving at a good pace and I suppose there isn't much else to say. Again, lots of roosters strutting about in the street and lots of dogs chasing me until they got bored.

I ran an easy 5 the next day (was suppose to take it off) to see how I'd feel...and I don't suppose I felt much of anything.

My pace seems quick, though I don't know how fast I am going. My legs typically want to run a tad faster than I should when I am trying to get back into shape and that is usually fine by me, but I am trying to be cognizant of my injury and too fast, too soon might me too much.

I return home, after 2 weeks of work travel, tomorrow and look forward to hearing what the chiro has to say on Thursday.


YF said...

did you gone down to austin while you were there and watch austin marathon?

KLIM said...

No, I hate marathons