Friday, February 18, 2011

The Long Road to Nowhere

Yesterday, I finally found a road worth running. I happened upon a nice flat country street sans traffic and hostility. Thankfully, friend and colleague JJ (who in the past has joined me for some easy Monday night runs from NatGeo) was in tow and together we meandered aimlessly towards nowhere. We run a little slower than I am use to but I suppose that isn't important right now. But after about 15 minutes of warming up, I yelled behind that I was going to press ahead. Chickens, Guinea Hens and labs shared the same space on front lawns without incident. Occasionally a hawk dipped from the clouds in an attempt to scoop up breakfast in a freshly cut field. I started to move a bit now. Though it was early in the morning, temperatures hovered in the mid-60s and there was a hint of humidity in the air. I hit my turnaround at 26 minutes, ditched the shirt and then proceeded back the way I came. I felt fairly strong and it was nice to push (just a little) in such nice weather. I ran back in 22 minutes, which seems encouraging.

I've been able to run every other day and for the most part I've been feeling quite good. The next couple days of shooting will likely be crazy (and long), but I'll do my best to get in a run when I can. I plan to speak to the chiro when I return about running every day...we shall see.