Monday, February 7, 2011

Got it on the Run

Against doctor's orders, I ran this morning. This was the first back-to-back run I've done in weeks. I suppose it wasn't "against orders" as I never got orders, but my gut told me to run, and my gut ended up being right. 

I ran an easy 5 and never felt any pain. I suppose if I really think about it, I can feel something, but it's really minute. That "pain" likely comes from aggressive foam rollering and less from running. I see the doctor tomorrow and I'll know whether all my various issues are getting back to normal. I feel like I might finally have my injury on the run. Soon I hope to have it between pincers. In the meantime, I'm going top keep my head down and press ahead. 


Towpath said...

So if I am understanding the symbolism of your picture correctly, you are a Biplane and your muscle imbalance is Cary Grant?

KLIM said...


Wait, bingo?

Anonymous said...

I browse your blog from time to time. Where were your sfxs? I read about the pubic symphysis. I had a stress reaction there and thought that I had a hernia (similar pain). I was also diagnosed as having a sacral sfx. This was in 2007 and ever since I have been working my core and regaining flexibility in my hips, no other problems. Good luck!

KLIM said...

sub3at40 -

Take a look here. This details what and where. I also was worried, at the time, I might have a hernia.