Friday, December 3, 2010

Two Runs with Scott

I met Scott, and only Scott, for a run on both Thursday and Friday morning. The time was 6:49am and it was clear that December was upon us. The temperature hovered somewhere between the high 20s to mid 30s. It was cold going on both days, but I prefer this to the heat. On Thursday we ran an 8 mile loop and on Friday an out-and-back 9. While on our way back to camp this morning, a bike plowed through a crosswalk and smashed into Scott's left side. It happened pretty fast but here is what I remember:

- we both approached the crosswalk and noticed no cars coming in either direction
- I did notice a bike to my left but it appeared as if it would pass us before we crossed the street
- I turned my head back forward and noticed Scott was now a stride or two ahead of me. Thinking he was about to stop at the actual street I said nothing.
- Scott then proceeded across the street. I thought he had seen the biker and was going to dash ahead. This seemed doable...
- But, quickly, within milliseconds, I realized this wasn't the case
- I then contemplated yelling out, but I thought that would cause Scott to pause, and then cause the bike to careen into his side. Instead I said nothing. I watched.

The old man on the bike barreled into Scott's side and Scott went rolling out onto the street. He appeared to perform a half summersault. It was clean. An oncoming car slowed to a stop and watched in amazement. The man on the bike, never lost his balance and circled back. Scott got up and looked confused and then furious. I thought a fist fight was imminent. Neither really said anything to one another and in a moment both were on their way.

Then we ran home.


Andy said...

HAHA He should have bitten the cyclist.

KLIM said...

WHy bite?

Andy said...

Ask Uncle Buttweenis some day.

Anonymous said...

And then Jake found twenty dollars!

KLIM said...

Anonymous - explain the joke?

RM said...

Maybe it's like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry is always even-Stevens? Like, he gave Elaine 20 bucks or something and then later he found $20 in the pocket of a jacket he hadn't worn in a while. Maybe anonymous was referring to you as always coming out even